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Introduction by Millie Snow

ICLI was incorporated in 1982 under the direction of Millie Snow. In this two minute video clip originally produced in 1986 you will hear her simply and elegantly describe how See the Sound - Visual Phonics can open a door to learning, and why it has helped so many children and adults learn to read and speak. Millie passed away in 2010, but her vision and wisdom will always direct the course of ICLI.

What is needed to play this video?

The QuickTime player is required to play back this video clip. If you do not have the QuickTime player installed on your computer, click on this link to download the QuickTime player.

If you choose to click on the larger video screen (above) it will take longer to download. It will play back on a bigger screen but the greater file size may keep you waiting (when we tested download times on our computers the download was in the 2 - 4 minute range). If you choose the smaller video screen it will download quicker, but the drawback is it will playback using a smaller screen size.

If you have trouble viewing the video, try waiting until all of the video downloads before starting playback. If you continue to have trouble please contact ICLI's office at

Thank you for your interest in learning about See the Sound - Visual Phonics!

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